Alehsi & Partners supports international companies to establish a subsidiary in Brazil. We provide local competence and experience offering our clients the necessary support before and during the opening of a Brazilian subsidiary.

Finding the right condition to start a business in Brazil

As we are familiar with the particularities of the Brazilian market, we can support with local knowledge and recommendations to allow some strategic decisions that are essential for the future success of your business. Depending on the companies demand, we conduct special projects to search and arrange meeting with potential service partners such as:

  • Logistic companies, importers and  distributor. We also visit local plants and customs office for import license (RADAR) to analyze the best option for your business.

  • License specialists for registration of products and brands.

  • Indication of partnership with law firms and accountancy with international experience.

Support for the foundation of a legal entity

The foundation of a legal entity is the starting point for doing business in Brazil. Some legal exigencies have to be fulfilled for a company to become operational. We support the establishment of the subsidiary with the following services:

  • Act as appointed legal representative of foreign parties to the Brazilian subsidiaries.

  • Assume legal responsibility for the Brazilian subsidiary with the appointment of an Administrator in the Articles of Association, and registration before the local Board of Trade.

  •  Provide legal address for the company (tax address only, not business address) for the first year until the company in finding a fitting office or plant.

  • Open a bank account to ensure local payments.

  • Register the company with the central bank (BACEN).