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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

We are partners of RapidMiner in Brazil, an extremely fast data science platform with the objective of democratizing artificial intelligence and enabling full transparency & governance for machine learning.


Use Cases:

  • Churn Prediction & Prevention
    Identify in advance which customers are likely to leave, and why. Use all available information about customer, not just the obvious signs.

  • Customer Lifetime Value
    Quantify the customers that are going to generate more sales and allocate marketing spend based on the financial lifetime value of each customer and prospect.

  • Customer Segmentation
    Align everything from marketing to product development to customer service to meaningful customer segments, ensuring every interaction is relevant and engaging.

  • Demand Forecasting
    Make precise demand forecasts both at the macro level and all the way down to individual geography, markets, and customer segments.

  • Fraud Detection & Prevention
    Use all available data to identify non-obvious fraud patterns, and monitor operations to spot fraudsters when they’d otherwise remain hidden.

  • Next Best Action
    Use life-event patterns, buying behavior, social media interactions, and other insights to decide which actions should be taken for each customer.

  • Price Optimization
    Humans are pretty bad at determining how much something should cost. Make better, more scientific pricing decisions with historical data and other factors.

  • Predictive Maintenance
    Predict when repairs will be needed, schedule maintenance cost-effectively, and keep your business operating smoothly.


  • Product Propensity
    Combine customers’ online behavior with historic purchase data to determine exactly the right product / customer pairing.

  • Quality Assurance
    Detect quality issues at an early stage, predict their severity and address them before they do serious damage to your business.

  • Risk Management
    Accurately assess risk so that you can take the appropriate measures to protect your business against threats.

  • Text Mining
    Use insights from unstructured data to improve marketing, product development, risk management and more.

  • Up- and Cross-Selling
    Earn more revenue and profit while strengthening customer relationships as better recommendations make you a trusted advisor.

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