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Supporting foreign companies in the establishment, assuming legal representation and offering administrative management.

Our services consist in supporting  foreign companies in establishing, assuming legal responsability and managing their subsidiaries in Brazil. In cases of restructuring or closing of the branch, we also offer the necessary support.

Our focus are medium-sized European companies looking for a tailor-made solution adapted to their needs.

Our interdisciplinary team offers personalized, differentiated and reliable services to clients from various segments. Due to our intercultural competence we identify the demands and needs of different business cultures and are familiar with the particularities of the Brazilian and European markets.

We offer the necessary experience to do business in Brazil.

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Strategic advice and operational support in opening a branch in Brazil.

The opening of a subsidiary is the first step to enter the Brazilian market maintaining the full decision-making power over its business.


We assume the power of attorney for foreign partners and the function of the administrator appointed in the articles of association.

Representation of   the subsidiary enables the company's operations in the national market.

Gestão Administrativa

Administrative management and coordination of the Brazilian branch with back office services.

This modus operandi allows the foreign company to focus on its core activities.


During the closing, we support the administrative management and assume the liquidator's mandate.

The liquidator allows the dissolution of the company before the organs.

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